May 22, 2014

Friendly Evenings

One of my friends is moving to LA next month, so we went for dinner last night as a sort of good bye. One of the things I love the most about her is how she's willing to pursue her dreams at any cost, and after graduating as a lawyer, she's finally taking the risk and chasing her dreams in what less than the City of Angels!

Since there's no much time left for her to hang out in Colombia, we decided to go to one of the restaurants she says she'll miss the most: Crepes Artesano. Nothing big or fancy, but the perfect cosy atmosphere with healthy food for a cold and rainy evening with a friend.

We had a great time talking about life, about our dreams, about Coachella, and––naturally––about moving back and forth from New York to LA to see each other, as soon as I establish myself in NY in the fall. We also had some great food.

I chose to eat a Gandhi, which is a crepe with indian flavours and curry––my favourite––, together with lemonade flavoured with some peppermint to top up a very aromatic meal.

Friendly evenings

Friendly evenings

She ate a crepe with turkey and cheese, which looked absolutely delicious!

Friendly evenings

Unfortunately, we didn't have space in our tummies for dessert, so we had to skip it this time. I would say our dessert was all the sweet talk about this new phase of our lives that will be starting soon!


Photography: Laura Beltran-Rubio