June 30, 2014

Monthly Medley: June


June marks the beginning of a real summer, so most of my reads this month were summer-inspired, and pretty much fun and easy to read. You'll also find some interviews and other interesting stories I read, but I sincerely recommend to browse some of my summer inspiration this month!

– The story behind the global business of superstar designer Tom Ford (and there's also a part 2)
And perhaps, this, more than anything, is the secret to the business of being Tom Ford: an indefatigable work ethic combined with an innate desire to build things.

– We should all keep an eye on Hugo Matha

– The best beach reads for this summer!

Dress code for dummies

– Who What Wear's 30 day Summer outfit challenge

– I might do Gala Darling's Radical Self Love Instagram Challenge during July, describe as:
the opportunity to explore your relationship to yourself and others, as well as becoming instantly connected to a bevy of radical self love babes.
– Garance Doré and writes down her Pot Time Stories
And after that, I finally understood once and for all: marijuana makes me hungry and puts me to sleep, so basically it makes me fat and boring. SO MAYBE IT WAS TIME TO STOP WITH THE NONSENSE. 
I quit. I found my personality. I became “the girl who doesn’t smoke” (my personality has other sides to it, but that’s a topic for another day) and I wasn’t afraid to say so. So much better. So much funnier. Cooler. Better parties.

–Domaine shows us how to arrange flowers like a pro

– A scary reason why some men love handguns more than women:
For years the NRA defended laws that kept guns in the hands of known domestic abusers. Which makes it all the more chilling to recall the No. 1 reason on my college landlord’s list of reasons why guns are better than women: “You can buy a silencer for a handgun.” The sickening truth is you can buy a silencer for a woman. It’s a called a handgun.
– This website is my new go-to hairstyle inspiration tutorials database

– Rachel Hills on de-stigmatising bulimia:
Eating disorders aren’t usually one thing or the other: sympathetic or self-indulgent, socially mediated or singular. They are all of those things at the same time. And in some ways, the stigmatizing and romanticizing of eating disorders are two sides of the same coin. Both stop the people who suffer from them from seeking treatment, and set them up as misunderstood mavericks who are fighting against an uncompassionate world. Truly destigmatizing bulimia means moving beyond these worn-out stories, and looking the disease straight in the eye — ugliness and all.
Summer dreaming inspired by Doutzen Kroes


Photography: Laura Beltran-Rubio

June 19, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Travel!

Isla Margarita

Isla Margarita

Isla Margarita

Isla Margarita

Some of the best memories I have from growing up happened while travelling. Luckily enough, my parents not only chose to give me a world-class education, which taught me to get out of the box––sometimes probably too much, too often– and find the magic in different cultures and societies that coexist in our world.

One of the trips I remember the most––probably for its simplicity and its close distance to home, yet its adventure and beauty––was when we went to Isla Margarita, in Venezuela, when I was around 8. I'm pretty sure that when I was that young, I didn't realise how important travelling was to me, or how it would shape the way I view the world today. But I did love seeing the world from a different perspective, and in a place completely different to the city I've called home for the past two decades... Especially when there were horses and birds around!


June 14, 2014

What Football Means To Me –A Note On Nationalism

When studying the history of fashion, nationalism is definitely a key issue, as it helped build unify diverse peoples into one single State. Caterina de Medici exported her typical Italian style, resulting in the first steps to achieving the worldwide phenomenon now known as Made in Italy. Elizabeth I translated the English wealth into her beautiful clothes, showing her power through fine jewellery and materials in her dresses. The Spaniards –and later on the Dutch– showed their strong religious beliefs in the austerity of their garments, without willing to leave behind luxury, which was achieved through the use of materials. And Versailles, the magical paradise of the French courts, showed the power of the nobles and their fashionable lifestyles. 

Fashion and nationalist styles have definitely helped build a common culture in many countries, which might have helped these nations subsist through the years. But nationalism need not be exclusively a fashion phenomenon, and not even the political monster that took humanity into several wars in the past. Nationalism, I believe, can also be achieved through sports, and what better than football, now that we're in the middle of the FIFA World Cup?

Today was Colombia's first match in the championship. Many believe this game showed how Colombians can stand together and hold hands when talking about football and being united for just one match. People talk about second opportunities and peace, all in the context of football.

Of course, I do believe in all these things. And more than anything else, I believe in a better future for my beloved country. But why can't we show this same group work and tolerance to each other in our daily lives? Why can't we hold hands when trying to end the internal conflict, or when trying to help the poor –who actually comprise a huge percentage of the country's population? Why can't we give second chances to those who were part of the country's conflict? Why can't we fight more intensely to actually achieve peace?

Before going to sleep last night, I was thinking about Colombia's performance in this World Cup. I was thinking about Colombia winning today's game––and maybe even winning the Cup! But what I really liked about the idea was not partying or having red, blue and yellow painted on my face. It was the idea of taking our first step into the social reconstruction of the country. I think Colombians need to see that we have something in common, something that unites us all, regardless of social or ethnic background, cultural beliefs, and education. And if football can bring this to us, I really hope we can win the World Cup!

We might not have––yet?––a common fashion to export––although I have seen espadrilles, bags and other accessories that are part of traditional Colombian outfits out in runways lately––but I believe we can become a peace reconstruction example. We have a bright future ahead, and hopefully football can be the beginning of Colombia's path to achieve greatness!


June 10, 2014

Paris, je t'aime!


La Tour Eiffel


Sacré Coeur


Pont des Arts

Musée du Louvre


If there's one city I love more than New York, it's got to be Paris. I love seeing people in the streets, the food––especially when we're talking about street crêpes at Odéon or hot cocoa at Angelina––, the architecture––not just the Eiffel Tower––, the artsy atmosphere... I just love everything about Paris!

So... To fulfil an intense wanderlust attack I've been having recently––staying at home this summer hasn't turned out to be such a good idea––I decided to bring back to life some pictures I took last year in this beautiful city. Hopefully they'll make you want to fly to Paris now as much as I want!

Why am I still here? Can't I just book a flight that takes me to Paris now?!


Photography: Laura Beltran-Rubio

June 6, 2014

Recommended Books For Summer

Summer Books

For many of us summer is a season meant for reading––probably as a result of those summer reading lists we had as homework during school! And it's definitely nice to read a good book while you're resting at the poolside, hearing the ocean waves hit land on a beach, or in bed before going to sleep. Books are also great companions during flights, especially if you can't sleep and don't feel like watching the movies available.

I'm usually an avid reader––not only during the summer––and, although I tend to read academic texts more than anything else, I've had the chance to read some good books lately, I would recommend to anyone who wants to find a good book to read these days. I'm pretty sure you can find better reviews out there––and I recommend you to read them––so I will just mention what I liked about the books –which usually tends to be related to emotions and not feeling bored!

Susannah tells the story of how she suffered of a mental illness and finally managed to go out of it. It's really interesting because you can actually understand how confused she felt, how troubled she was, and how hard she had to fight. She manages to combine some very serious scientific findings with her personal experience in her book without any trouble, and you can live her journey with her thanks to her exquisite way of writing.

I actually read this one a while ago, but it was amazing how easily Murakami can mix the real world with a fantastic realm, where dogs talk and fish rain from the skies. I got easily lost in this book, thanks to Murakami's way of describing Japan's landscapes –both real and unreal at the same time––and his way of surprising you with every chapter you read. You definitely won't get bored with this one!

I read this book in around three days. Ironmonger somehow manages to get you so into this book that you just can't stop reading. It's a sort of love story, but your heart is constantly skipping a beat. It's full of surprises. I loved it!

While reading this book, I felt like I was taken to Pakistan. If I said you couldn't stop reading coincidence, this one is even worse––I read it overnight! I cried several times, only to break up into laughter afterwards. I felt love, pain, hatred, and love again––all in one night! This might be one of the best books I've read in my entire life!

I'm currently working on this one––so I can't actually tell you what it was like to read the whole book––but until now, it has been a perfect book for summer, especially if you went to summer camps during your childhood! More than anything, it has made me laugh, and remember of what life in a cabin is like. It also reminds me––for some reason?––what feeling an outsider in your teens feels like. And friends. All those friends you meet for just some weeks every year but that feel even closer than your brothers and sisters!

Happy reading!

Photography: Laura Beltran-Rubio

June 3, 2014

Tea Tuesday

Tea Tuesday

Tea Tuesday

Tea Tuesday

Tea Tuesday

Nothing better than having tea––and over-eating––with one of your best friends! That's exactly how I spent last Tuesday evening... eating, chatting, and having fun!––Oh, and also talking about female empowerment and moving to New York!


Photography: Laura Beltran-Rubio