June 10, 2014

Paris, je t'aime!


La Tour Eiffel


Sacré Coeur


Pont des Arts

Musée du Louvre


If there's one city I love more than New York, it's got to be Paris. I love seeing people in the streets, the food––especially when we're talking about street crêpes at Odéon or hot cocoa at Angelina––, the architecture––not just the Eiffel Tower––, the artsy atmosphere... I just love everything about Paris!

So... To fulfil an intense wanderlust attack I've been having recently––staying at home this summer hasn't turned out to be such a good idea––I decided to bring back to life some pictures I took last year in this beautiful city. Hopefully they'll make you want to fly to Paris now as much as I want!

Why am I still here? Can't I just book a flight that takes me to Paris now?!


Photography: Laura Beltran-Rubio