December 31, 2014

2014: Year in Review

I feel like I say this quite often––maybe it's just cause I'm getting older and life is happening faster than I would like––but I can't believe the year already went by! I remember sitting down around this same time a year ago thinking of all the great wishes/objectives/resolutions I had for 2014, and now I really can't understand how it all happened so quickly. I had great plans for the year, and now I know that I made them all come true because I worked hard on all of them. It was definitely a wonderful year, and that's all I can think about right now!

I received the year doing what I do best––eating, of course––with my wonderful mum and sister.

New Year's Eve 2014

Although I didn't expect to travel a lot this year, I went to Italy with my favourite people on Earth in January...

Rome, January 2014

Naples, January 2014

...went to Miami to spend yet more time with my favourite people...


...and went to my beautiful hometown, Cartagena, to spend some quality time with my daddy in the summer––and eat some more!



I also spent a lot of time with my baby horse...

Showjumping Season



Mother's Day Celebrations


Festival Universitario de Danza

...and even made it to the Colombian countryside to escape from life for a few days.


All of this before finally making the big move to New York to start working on my Master's degree––which was my biggest plan of the year, and probably also one of the greatest achievements in my life so far.

Once in New York, I got to see new places...

Walk New York: Ground Zero what have become my new favourite restaurants...

Restaurant Outings: The Smith

Fig & Olive

...and see friends I hadn't seen in a very long time.

Central Park

I also had my family visit several times...

Happy Nachos

...and enjoyed all the Christmas attractions––but mostly the decorations––the city has to offer.

Christmas Decorations in Dyker Heights

Christmas Time at the New York Palace

I met some wonderful people, made new friends, and became closer with others. And they all played a very important part in what my life has become now!

Rome, January 2014

But the best thing that has happened to me since I moved to New York are all the new ideas and new projects to work on. Every day, I get bombed with wonderful ideas from the people that study with me at Parsons, and all the movement of the city does nothing different than inspire me. New York is definitely the place where my mind works best and my body feels at its most. I am really glad this year brought me here.

So bring it on, 2015. I'm more than ready for you!


Photography: Laura Beltran-Rubio