December 11, 2014

City Views: The Empire State Building

There are several things I love about New York, and the Empire State Building is one of those. Although it's been standing there for ages, it's a pretty building and I can have a good time just staring at it––especially if I have some good drinks at hand. About a year ago, I discovered a The Strand Hotel, and its rooftop bar became my favourite place to see my favourite building.

Of course, I had to take my friend who was visiting for a few days there. We had dinner at the bistro on the first floor, and then we headed up to the bar, to enjoy a cure view of the building while staying warm and happy inside.

We had kale lasagna for dinner, which was pretty hearty, with lots of cheese and tomato sauce.

The Strand

As for the drinks, we both chose a forbidden fruit cocktail––prosecco, crème de pamplemousse and grapefruit twist––which was also really, really good!

The Strand

And to top everything up, we had a perfect view of the Empire State Building and a huge amount of fairy lights!

The Strand

The Strand

No doubt this was a more than perfect girls night––followed, of course, by the greatest pillow talk when we got back home!


Photography: Laura Beltran-Rubio