June 30, 2013

Travel Diaries: Welcome to Paris!

La Tour Eiffel

As I've mentioned several times before, this summer is very special to me because I'm travelling in Europe (it's actually only a few places in France and Italy, but let's call it Europe for now) with my sister. I've been here several times, but it's her first time! I'm so exited to show her around and to get to know new and exciting places with my favourite person in the whole world!< We arrived in Paris last Wednesday, after a VERY long flight! However, we were both so excited that, even if we were really, really tired, we decided to go out to see the Tour Eiffel and then have a quick supper.

It was already dark by the time we checked in at the hotel, but the good thing is that it's located a few blocks away from the tower... So after we changed our clothes and had some water to drink, we went for food! We'd been starving for most of the day (flight food isn't the best, is it?) so we just went to the first decent place we could see at the Rue du Theatre. It was a creperie contemporaine, meaning we had to have crepes!

I chose the emmental & tomato, while my sister decided to have an emmental, ham & mushroom. Mine was absolutely delicious, and hers... Well, she devoured it before I could even think I wanted to try it! We had them with a cup of cappuccino and then we were out to go for our walk to the Tour Eiffel. I personally believe street crepes are the best, and they were at least better than the one I ate that night, but it was a decent meal after such a long day!




We got to the Eiffel Tower at the moment when the lights were flashing, marking midnight! It was beautiful and I would have paid to have a picture of my sister's face when she saw them. I'm not sure about it, but I think I wouldn't be completely lying if I said she couldn't believe she was in Paris at that moment! Finally! She'd been dreaming of it for SO long!

And this was all our tourism on the first day night in Paris. Very tired after a whole day inside a plane, we went to bed and had a few hours of sleep!


Photography: Laura Beltran-Rubio