June 26, 2013

Travel Style: I Refuse To Wear Tracksuits!

As I mentioned before, I'll be in Europe this summer. And that meant I just landed on a flight that's over 10 hours long! To me, that's a bit of a royal pain, since I can't stand being held in the same place for too long. The only reason that keeps me going during those flights is the excitement to get to my destination and have an amazing time!

But I could never ever travel if I'm uncomfortable. Probably high heels are not the best decision when on these flights (although I haven't even dared to try it, yet!), but neither are tracksuits! I understand they are comfy, and you can go ahead and wear them if you really like them, but I could never do that. Never.

However, there are many comfortable options besides tracksuits. I wrote a post back in April where I shared an outfit I wore to college, where I chose leggings as the best option. I did the same when I chose my travel outfit to come to Paris: leggings are always my most comfortable option! And sneakers. I love this super stylish sneakers Diego helped me get before packing!

Love from La Ville Lumière,