February 13, 2014

Celebrate Valentine's Day -- Single

Valentine's Day tends to be rejected by anyone who's single. For some reason, if you don't have a beloved sweetheart, all the hearts in the air might seem a little disgusting. But this doesn't mean you can't  have a great time celebrating love. You can love yourself, your friends, and your family. Who needs a man (or a girl, whichever you like) to feel happy and fulfilled?

1. Have A Romantic Date With Yourself

Valentine's Day

My first idea for Valentine's Day celebration is having a romantic date with yourself. This is something I really enjoy to do every once in a while when I'm tired and don't want to go out on a Friday night.

You'll only need your favourite PJs, some old movies you enjoy (my personal favourites tend to be chick flicks I enjoyed as a teenager –say, What A Girl Wants, 500 Days of Summer, and all that stuff). Get a box of chocolates, and order your favourite food. A good glass of wine is optional.

Get inside your bed, and have the best time you could have ever asked for. When you wake up on Saturday, you'll only be able to smile for the great time you had with yourself on Valentine's Day.

2. Go Out With Your Friends

Graduation Tea Party

Yes. Friends are the best things that could ever happen to us. They love us unconditionally, and we love them back. So what better than celebrating endless love with one of your best friends? I bet at least one of them is single. Or if (s)he isn't, (s)he still might be willing to celebrate Valentine's Day with you.

You can have a tea party at home, go out to your favourite restaurant to have dinner, or go to the movies. And if you're more creative than I am––which you probably are––I bet you can come up with a thousand more ideas. Maybe you could even do something you haven't done in a long time. If I were to do this, I would bring my friend Felipe, who now lives in Canada, and drink mojitos at home.

3. Enjoy A Spa Evening

Valentine's Day

This one is probably my favourite idea. And you don't even have to go to a real spa––although I sincerely recommend you do it if you prefer that!

If you'd rather stay at home, you can just pick your favourite beauty products––I strongly recommend any type of products that has a smell you enjoy––, light some candles, and love yourself. Depending on what you enjoy more, you can have a bubble bath, soak yourself in Cocoa Butter, or use some hair treatment and get your nails done. Whatever you choose, make sure it makes you feel like you're being loved and spoiled!


Photography: Laura Beltran-Rubio