September 10, 2014

Street Style: New York Fashion Week Day 4

I think this will be my last article related exclusively to NYFW street style. As much as I've been loving meeting all this beautiful pictures and taking pictures of them, I'm dying to share the details of some of my favourite runway shows with you! And although I definitely would be down to do it all, I have lots of work to do for school and I physically can't. I hope, though, that some day I will be able to do that!

I would say that this day was my favourite, but only because the temperature wasn't as high as the days before, meaning I wasn't melting while trying to concentrate taking good photos. I also got to talk to the most people this day, probably because I finally managed to leave my shyness away and tried to make an effort in actually saying some words to many of the people I took pictures of.

Although in terms of what people were wearing it's hard for me to choose just one day. I really loved the outfits people wore. Why can't I look like them all?