September 6, 2013

It's Tea Time!

You might already know this, but one of my most favorite things in the world is tea. And even better than drinking tea (which I do on a daily basis), is getting to have a proper tea afternoon.

Diego came back from New York last weekend, and I couldn't wait to take him to one of our favourite tea places in Bogota: the JW Marriott hotel. So on Monday, we went there to have a delicious soirée.

It started out with a cup of champagne, which was nothing but delicious. Plus... It was the perfect toast to welcome him back home! We then had some canapés (which, sadly, were gone before I realised I should have taken some photos of them), and tea was served. We both ordered Rooibos -one of my favorite herbal teas because it's really aromatic-. I chose cinnamon and orange. Diego just had the "grandma's choice" but had no idea what that meant!

We then ate crèpes, deliciously prepared in the moment we ordered them. I chose a vegetables mix with some cheese.

Finally, there was dessert. This is where real tea starts to me. I had a sugar overdose, but I just couldn't control myself and not wanting to eat every single piece of pastry they offered! Ok, well... I didn't have the chocolate croissant. But I had absolutely everything else!

I honestly love these tea afternoons... But I hate them because I become a three-year-old who doesn't have any sense of self control! Once I sit down, I can't stop eating! And that could be bad... The good thing is I don't have these tea evenings that often... And having some sort of sugar food overdose every once in a while isn't so bad, is it?


Photography: Laura Beltran-Rubio