September 30, 2013

The Horse Show

I love my horse. I really do. But, as in any other relationship, there are highs and lows –nipples and thorns, some dear friends of mine call them...

Last weekend, we went to a show jumping competition, and it couldn't have been any better. To be honest, I don't ride to win or to become an Olympian. I just ride because I love it! And, in a similar manner, I go to horse shows just to have some fun!

But when you're having issues with your horse, things aren't so great. The last time I had competed I got eliminated, basically because my horse and I just weren't speaking the same language. If you're not a horse rider, you might not understand it at all, but this is even worse than having communication problems with your human couple...

I remember my coach's words: What are we going to do with your horse?

To me, that sounded like giving up/selling the horse. What he probably didn't realise before I told him was there's no way I'm giving up on my horse. He's the love of my life –it's even better than having children, at least for now– and I'm pretty sure I still have lots to learn from him. I just needed to learn how to ride him again. And we needed some couple therapy!

After two intense weeks of trying to understand each other again, some tears –OK, maybe quite a lot of them–, fighting against my fears and beating the nerves... I think we're finally on the same side of the road again. This weekend was just amazing –and not exactly because I won the competition on the first day!

Remember how Avatars link with their horses? I had probably never felt that link as much as I did this weekend! My horse and I were finally one only creature, flying above the jumps in such harmony that it felt more like dancing than anything else. And from here on, I hope we can overcome –together– any other obstacles we must face. In the end, that's why we come to this world: to learn to always find a way to live happily and not get busted by any obstacle we might face!