August 29, 2013

The Promise

Coco, my baby

One of my favourite blogs out there has got to be Gala Darling. I love how this woman's always full of energy and good feeling, I love her absolutely amazing way of writing, and I love her mission: transmitting what she calls radical self love.

I was just reading her blog, and realized today's the day when she posts her "Things I Love Thursday," where she basically shares all those things she's thankful for... This inspired me to make my own thankful post.

When I started this blog, I remember choosing Laura of the Valley as its name because it made me think of lilies, my favorite flowers. And, among them, lilies of the valley are particularly special because they are a symbol of returning to happiness. I remember saying that moment of my life was my definite return to happiness...

And I think I've achieved it!

Being happy doesn't mean you can't feel sad, angry, disappointed or frustrated. To me, being happy is learning to accept this moments and working to get over them. Being happy doesn't depend on a specific moment in your life, but it is something that happens in the long term.

I was born in a rush. And this made my life quite stressful until a couple of years ago. But I realized that this was taking me nowhere, and I needed to take life easier; only that way, I'd be able to enjoy it completely! Of course, there are some ups and downs (nipples and thorns, some good friends of mine would call them), but, in general, I'm aware that if I keep my happy objective in mind, I will definitely achieve it.

In the end, happiness is a state of mind, isn't it?

That means that only we can work to achieve our own happiness! It doesn't depend on friends, relationships or material things (although I guess these might help a little bit). It's something we do for ourselves. And this is probably one of the things I admire the most in Gala Darling. I'm pretty sure she knows there are some hard times in life, but she manages to make it worth every single day. And she teaches women to love themselves -which is, to me, the ultimate form of happiness-, which is even more admiring!

Today I went back to that first post of this blog, and realized how happy I am. I'm still learning to know myself, and I'm trying to find who I am. Over the past few years, I've changed a lot, and I'm pretty sure that the girls who's starting her senior year in college is very different from the one that graduated from high school. But, in the end, it's the same Laura and the same baby her mum always admired for laughing hard, even in difficult times... And it's the same Laura that loves exploring life and finding loving, happy moments in every single atom of it!

And it's the same Laura that made a promise to be happy and share her happiness to the world... A promise I want to restate today!

Thank you for reading!