October 15, 2013

Just Take It Easy...


You might have noticed my absence from the blog last week... And although I'd like to excuse myself for being such a bad blogger, the truth is I don't regret about it at all!

I was doing some Yin Yoga the other day, and the instructor was talking about the importance of taking a good rest, especially after doing exercise. His class was all about taking it slowly and relaxing the body, while exercising the deepest tissues in our joints –in fact, that's precisely what Yin Yoga is all about.

This didn't make more sense to me until last Monday. When I woke up to go to school, I noticed I had a headache and my nose was feeling weird. It turned out I had a big cold –which I didn't get in quite a while. Being a very responsible student, I decided to go to class, but I realised by noon this had been a huge mistake. I had such a headache that I couldn't focus on the letters at all when I tried to read; I was feeling cold and I was really uncomfortable to actually concentrate in class.

That's when I remembered the wise words of my Yin Yoga instructor. He mentioned more than once the importance of letting your body rest when you're ill, because that way it can use more energy to fight against viruses and any other organisms that might be trying to get hold of your health.

So I decided to go home...

And I spent most of the week trying to just relax and take life easily. The cold was gone by Thursday, but I just thought it was a good excuse to just take some time to myself... I didn't even go riding –and you must be aware by now that's a whole big deal to me!