November 8, 2014

11 Things To Do When It Rains

Apparently New York is particularly rainy during November... and although most people would make faces about the rain and probably hate it, I actually do like it. One of the best memories I have of the rain was this one time, when I was about 12 years old, after music practice at school. It started pouring so my friends and I decided to go playing in the rain. And we had a blast! When I finally made it home, my mum received me with some warm towels––because, of course, I was soaking wet!––and hot cocoa.

Although I don't go playing in the rain any more––although I sometimes really want to when I see the rain––and my mummy is not here to make hot chocolate for me, I still enjoy seeing and hearing––mostly hearing––the rain. So I decided to share with you some of the things I love to do in the rain.

1. Drink hot cocoa

Hot Chocolate Time!

Yes, this had to be in my list. Depending on my mood, I sometimes prefer very dense, muddy, French-type hot chocolate, and sometimes I prefer to become a kid again and have milky hot chocolate with marshmallows. Whatever the case, hot cocoa has got to be one of my favourite things to do when it rains!

Although we don't have something quite––because you can get some of it in Bergdorf Goodman––like Angelina in New York––thankfully, because I would become diabetic if we did––there are some great places to get hot chocolate. Jacques Torres is amazing, although Barney's Genes CafĂ© also offers a very good one.

2. Go shopping!

Halloween Window Displays at Bergdorf Goodman

Ok, you don't have to go actually shopping. But maybe window shopping? Especially in a city like New York, where you'll find a ton of department stores, you can spend hours in the same building without having to worry about getting wet. You'll get to see pretty things, maybe drink a hot cup of coffee, and avoid suffering because of an inclement weather!

If you haven't been to Fivestory yet, I sincerely recommend you do so. Other ideas include Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Avenue, and maybe even Henri Bendel...

3. Visit a museum

Vivian Maier at Howard Greenberg Gallery

This is super, super nerdy of me, but we all know I love museums! So spending a rainy day inside one of them––or a gallery, I would guess that works too––seeing all the beautiful things they have to offer––art museums are my favourite type––is like heaven to me!

4. Watch movies in bed

Valentine's Day

Staying in bed tends to be a more-than-perfect idea whenever it rains. I don't really like just lying down in bed––my brain is too hyperactive to let me do that, actually––but I can enjoy a good movie. I guess the choice depends a lot of my mood, but I tend to go for romantic chick flicks whenever I don't want to think about anything at all! I also like to add some sparkling wine to the experience only because it makes me happy!

5. Take a nap

New York, March 2014

One of the things I love the most about the rain is how it sounds when it hits rooftops and windows. This sound makes me feel super relaxed and happy, perfectly ready for a nap! So why not take a short break from work/study when it rains?

6. Go to your favourite restaurant!

Fig & Olive

We all know I love eating. Although I don't really need an excuse to treat myself and visit my favourite restaurants, I guess sometimes just seeing the rain and knowing I don't want to get wet encourages me to do so. In the end, food always makes people happy, so if you're one of those persons that get grumpy because of the rain, getting some good food might help!

7. Walk/dance/jump in the rain

Rainy New York

Sometimes––especially when the rain is not too hard––walking in the rain can actually be great! Last weekend, after spending most of the day at home working in my various projects and doing homework, I felt like I really needed a break. Even though it was slightly raining, this didn't stop me from having a not-so-short walk around New York and enjoying the pleasure that it is to walk around this city––and of course take some pictures of it!

8. Read a good book

Summer Books

Sometimes the sweet melody of the rain falling is more than enough to set the perfect environment to enjoy one of your favourite books. I also like lighting some candles––a fireplace would be ideal if you have one––and drink some tea while on it.

9. Have a good conversation with your best friend

Graduation Tea Party

Although this one tends to be a little hard for me now that I'm in New York––and most of my lifelong friends are far away from me––I always enjoy having a good conversation with someone I love. Especially when it's raining, being inside feels cosier than ever, and conversations tend to flow more easily. If you're in my case, I guess Skype/FaceTime are good replacements for real-life conversations!

10. Cook!

Mother's Day Celebrations

It is hard for me to believe I'm starting to find a good relief cooking. A couple of years ago, I would have never imagined myself cooking anything else than eggs, and nowadays I really enjoy exploring new recipes and cooking tasty meals for myself––maybe I'm just growing old... Cooking is one of my favourite things to do especially when it rains because it absolutely does not require me to go out of home. In fact, whenever I have to cook just using the ingredients I have at home is when I enjoy it the most, because I can explore my creativity the most!

11. Arts & crafts

Sister's Birthday

I am a super crafty person, and have always enjoyed to do collages––or paint, draw, doodle, etc etc. Hearing the rain somehow inspires me, and I love spending time just letting my hands freely work on whatever they feel like creating!


Photography: Laura Beltran-Rubio