November 24, 2014

Happy Birthday, M!

Maria & I

As much as I love being in New York, I can't deny that I miss my family and friends sometimes. And these past few days I've been missing them more than ever!

Today is my best friend's birthday and, although I did have lots of fun having dinner and going out with my girls in New York, I couldn't stop thinking about not being with her. Last year we started brainstorming what we should do to celebrate her birthday––and our ideas were so good we should have started a party planning business right there––and had the best time ever. And this year I'm miles away and with no chance of seeing her today.

But I did spend some time looking at old pictures in my laptop. Most of them were absolutely horrible––we weren't particularly good-looking during our teens––but they made me laugh––and cry a little––from all the great memories they brought back. I really wish I could be with her right now... But I know that not even the distance will tear us apart.

I'm really, really glad that I have shared the past two decades of my life with this girl––and I'm sure she doesn't need me to party hard and have a blast today on her birthday!

Love you baby, Happy Birthday!

Photography: Laura Beltran-Rubio

PS. I'm including a couple extra photos from a few years ago below. They were the only decent ones I found in my laptop, and unfortunately I don't have access to all our childhood photos, which are at my parents' house in Colombia.

Oldies from Paris

Oldies from Paris