November 30, 2014

Monthly Medley

Union Square Holiday Market

Earlier this month I was complaining about December not coming fast enough (although always enjoying the fall), I was dying for the bipolar autumn weather to be replaced by layers of snow, and I was dreaming about millions of fairy lights that would come and adorn the city. But today, as I was strolling around the beautifully decorated streets of New York, I realised there was no reason for me to complain at all. December has finally come––almost, anyway––with all its joy and its lights.

Although this upcoming week will probably be the longest week of the year to me––due to both finals and excitement for my friends/family coming to NY for the holidays––I'm very excited about what's to come in this last month of the year. I've been working in some projects that I hope will get finalised during december, and will home to life with the new year. I've also been dreaming of finally having some free time to explore all the hidden places of New York that I haven't seen yet.

But I shouldn't jump into the future yet––and this lesson I learned this month! Sometimes I get too excited with my new plans and tend to forget what I've achieved; I forget to look back and be thankful. And if there's a month to be thankful in the year, it's got to be November––yes, because it's American Thanksgiving.

Unfortunately, I didn't have the chance to celebrate a real Thanksgiving yet, but I did have time to get started on some Christmas shopping––and to realise there are some shopping patterns I repeat year after year. I also spent a wonderful night at the museum (and visited other museums and art exhibitions as well)––which wasn't scary at all, although very fun!––and went for dinner out after what seemed to be ages.

What I did have the time to do––which turned out to be a strategic decision because it allowed me to get a well-deserved break––was to escape to Mexico for a weekend. I didn't do many exciting things––except for eating a lot and finding old pictures in my computer––but I could rest and get renewed before finals. It also allowed me to finally start feeling festive upon my return to New York!

I am now absolutely ready to embrace the cold of the winter, to hug my family upon their arrival in the city, and to have an absolutely great Christmas. Happy December!


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Photography: Laura Beltran-Rubio