July 31, 2014

Monthly Medley: July


I can't believe July is already gone. This month flew by so quickly that I didn't even have the time to gather enough links for today's roundup. Ok, I did –yeah, I'm guilty of spending too much time in front of my laptop. But it still went by way too fast!

So this month was a lot about thinking of travelling and the beach –although I only really had time to fly over to Miami for just a week. 

It was also a good month to try and re-connect with my inner self and evaluate my life a little, especially as the time approaches for me to move to New York. This was always a dream, and now it's coming true! And even though I can't put into words how excited I am, I must confess I'm also a little nervous about such a huge change! But more on that later...

Let's get down to business. Some my favourite finds for the month were:

– Vogue Paris's news on the 1950s exhibition at Palais Galliera:
this decade is seen as a time of rupture, between the period of world conflict and post-war recovery, between the straight-laced old guard and the baby boomer, between the opulence of the New Look and the sobriety of classic Chanel tailoring, between the sustainability of haute couture and the emergence of new talent - such as Yves Saint Laurent -that would carry fashion into a new era.
Gala Darling talked with Sherold Barr about how to get more money in your wallet –and it's closely related to daring and stop being afraid!
If you can practice courage and take a tiny step toward what you fear, you will not get stuck. Fear + action = courage. Start to take baby steps toward knowing exactly what income is coming in and what it costs you to live each month.

– Erica Domesek and her take on bestiemoons:
I just want to go on my own epic adventures, and I’m not willing to wait until someone puts a ring on it. Why wait for the man of your dreams to take the trip of your dreams, am I right? With a flexible working schedule (thanks iPhone?) and money in my pocket (#PSIMadeThisBusiness), I decided to go on my own honeymoon with my best friend. Call it a bestiemoon.
– Just in time before the season ends, Olivia Palermo shares some tips on how to make your summer pedicure last

– AndrĂ© Leon Talley and the Toledos share some career advice on working in fashion:
I have a theory: Never bloom too early. I’m a big believer in big losers . . . eventually you’ll get there, and that’s okay. That builds character. –Ruben Toledo
– Katie Kendall and the importance of the space between
I think everyone can take responsibility (myself included) to make a stand for enjoying the small things, allowing ourselves to relax and not succumbing to this pressure of over achievement physically, academically and personally. Make space for enjoying the ‘spaces between’ and know that it’s in these moments that magic happens and in which some of the most creative thinking and inspired moments are actually born.
– The celebrity insider guide to summer in Montauk


Photography: Laura Beltran-Rubio