May 29, 2013

May Flowers On A Sunset

Mayflowers on a Sunset

Mayflowers on a Sunset

After all the rain we had during the weekend, we've finally seen the sun rise above our heads. And that also means sunsets have been quite amazing these past few days. Aren't you excited about it?

Since we were having an amazing, sunny day, I decided to wear nude colours. In the end, they're big this season! But it turned out my outfit wasn't much of what I planned so superhero Diego came and told me to wear this flower T-Shirt. I wasn't convinced at the beginning but, once I saw my reflection in the mirror, I couldn't believe my eyes! It looked absolutely gorgeous!

After April showers come May Flowers

If you're wondering where this T-Shirt came from, I must tell you it's been with me for almost two years. But it's SO pretty, I just can't get enough of it. I remember last year I wore it in Boston with some denim. And I never will regret it! About four complete strangers told me it was amazing in the streets... Isn't it nice? I love Boston people for loving my T-Shirt (among other qualities they have)!

But besides feeling loved by passers-by, there are other reasons why I love my flower oldie. It's got the brightest colours and it's got flowers; two everlasting favourites. May usually tends to be all about the flowers! And that means May (and the whole Spring-Summer season, actually) is a perfect occasion to take out this all-time favourite and explore brand new ways to wear it!

Chained Love

Another big favourite I wore with this outfit was the chain bracelet. It is so beautiful! I remember I found it about a year ago in my mum's belongings and couldn't help but taking it! She was not very happy at the beginning (who would like to give this piece away, right?), but after all my begging she accepted. And now it's one of my favourite pieces. It's so vintage but at the same time so timeless! I love it!