August 8, 2014

Travel Diaries: Cartagena Day 5



Although I've been pretty much doing nothing this week, day 5 was definitely the laziest day so far. I didn't even leave the hotel to find a restaurant for lunch. Instead, I ordered a hamburger and ate it by the poolside. And to be honest, after all the rush applying to grad school and getting everything solved so I can move to New York, after working very hard on a research project with one of my college professors, and after spending a super hectic week in Miami, I think I really needed a pause. And this is what Cartagena has been to me.

It has also be a time to re-connect with my roots, right before leaving the country. I haven't stopped thinking of those wonderful summers spent here during my childhood, of how I dreamed of getting married here, of eating fried goodies until my stomach couldn't bare it any more... Of loving every single thing about the town where I was born, and sometimes even fighting with my parents for having left before I was old enough to actually seem to be a native from Cartagena. And even if I probably will never live here, at least now I know that it's a place where I will always come back and experience the magic of all the history that this place holds.


Photography: Laura Beltran-Rubio