August 29, 2014

10 Things To Do In New York City In September

New York, March 2014

Although I did come to New York to study––and by now I've figured out that I will definitely need to spend a long time in the library every day––I would also like to take some time to explore the city and all the wonderful things it has to offer. One of my favourite things about New York is that there is always something going on. And although this might seem a little overwhelming to some, I couldn't live without it.

Just as August is coming to an end, I decided to sum up some of the best things to do in September in New York. Hopefully they'll help if you're planning on visiting, but also if you're a well-established New Yorker!

As the fashion lover I am, New York Fashion Week has got to be my number 1 event to attend next month –even though this list is not supposed to have an order. It takes place from September 4 to 9, and even if I'm not officially attending any of the events, just getting to see all the people in the fashion sphere hanging out around Lincoln Center is a great thing to do.

2. Feast of San Gennaro

This is a wonderful Italian tradition that takes place every year in New York –Little Italy, to be more precise– there this Saint, patron of Naples, is celebrated. Even though the feast is originated in a religious reason, there's a lot to do during September 11–21, when it takes place. My favourite activities are definitely eating Italian food in Little Italy and listening to some of the music performances. There are also processions and carnival games.

This is a 3-day "celebration of art" that will take place in Brooklyn during the weekend of September 26-28. It displays the work of all sorts of artists, including gallery exhibitions and video projections, and a wide variety of projects.

This exposition is held at the Museum at FIT, and is intended to trace the history and developments of lingerie from the 18th century onwards. One of the most interesting things about it is exploring how lingerie has changed according to the ideals of beauty and of what appropriate dress is in a particular moment in time.

This is basically a parody musical on Anna Wintour and how, for the first time, her decisions started being questioned when she decided to have Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on the cover of Vogue USA. It will be showing on September 5 and 12.

Another exhibition at the Museum at FIT. This one will launch on September 13 and will be exposed until January 13. It is intended to explore the different relationships existing between dance––from classical ballet to orientalism––and fashion, based on the idea that both of these are embodied forms of art.

This exposition is held at the Whitney Museum until October 29. 

This book intends to explore the way in which New York and Broadway saved Coco Chanel –as a designer– after her retirement of the fashion industry during the Second World War. It will take place on September 30, and there's only a limited amount of available spots.

This exhibition is a retrospective of Robert Heinecken's work since his death in 2006. This artist, who helped to create the program of photography at UCLA, described himself as a para-photographer because of his continuous explorations beyond the traditional notions of the medium. The exposition will be showing at the MoMA until September 7.

This exhibition is a retrospective of 25 years of the work of Garry Winogrand, one of the most important photographers of New York and the social like of the city during the 1950s through to the 1980s.


Photography: Laura Beltran-Rubio