October 30, 2014

Monthly Medley

Falling in love with NY sunsets

It is crazy how fast time goes by when you're having a great time. It feels like yesterday when I knew I had been admitted to Parsons and moved to New York... But a couple of days ago I realised that I've gone through 10 weeks of school already––meaning not only that the semester is almost over, but also that the three semesters I have lest will probably fly by even faster! Time seems to have been moving so quickly, that I sometimes forget how I spend my days...

However, this month was an amazing one. I can now say that I'm finally fully settled in New York, and I am starting to enjoy the city much more than I had been doing before. I am finally starting to create a routine––which, to an extent, seems to be necessary to make me happy––and I have been working on finding a balance between work/study and fun time, so I can get the most out of my time in New York. I have written several essays for school and read lots of books for my job, but also made new friends and enjoyed New York.

This month started with tea––as every good thing should start––and a short escape out of town to visit one of my best friends. I also had the chance to start discovering more new places in the city––I fell in love with Albertine at first sight, and Don Antonio has become my new favourite pizza place! These discoveries have inspired me to embark into all sorts of adventures around the city––including running in Central Park and using bicycles to move around before the weather gets too cold––just to share the magic of New York with you!

But if I had to choose my favourite moment of the month, it would definitely be the day when I abandoned all my work and went for a walk on the Highline to take pictures of the sunset. My photography skills still have a lot of room for improvements, so they don't to justice to the amazing sunset I witnessed. Even if they did, taking the time to walk and be inspired by the beauty of the sunset was priceless... As are most of my random walks in New York streets...

I did have lots of time to feel inspired by the city, which took me to creating a bucket list for the Fall––on which I will definitely continue working during November. New York has also inspired me to go out and celebrate Halloween––something I would have never thought of if I was back home––and I am really looking forward to tomorrow!


My favourite finds this month were:

– WWD's series of articles remembering Oscar de la Renta

By creating more work for these artists and teaching ancient practices to the younger generation, Linovich hopes that old techniques will be utilized to create something modern. “I want our children and grandchildren to see traditional embroidery and real woodcarving—I want to bring art to our daughters and our sons.”

Garance's wonderful finds at Marine's

– Rebecca Harrington's attempts to train her waist wearing a corset

Gala Darling talks about the importance of having a style uniform, just because:
It’s better to have your everyday life structured and organised, so that you can expend that energy on being innovative.
– Rosie always makes my mouth water with her recipes... But this time she actually made me want to skip brunch out next Sunday and stay at home cooking. Anyone wants to join me for a small brunch party?

– Big news on the return of Courrèges...
Courrèges 2.0 isn't limited to making clothes. The company plans to launch a makeup collection in partnership with a major cosmetics brand,and to expand the brand into a dizzying array of product categories: not just the usual bags, sunglasses, and small leather goods, but also architecture, design, music, and electric cars.
Bridget Foley thinking chic about Prada at Barneys

  Photography: Laura Beltran-Rubio