October 1, 2014

Paris, je t'aime!


I must confess that––although I do love New York––I've been having a little romance with Paris lately. It might be because I've been seeing too many photos from Paris Fashion Week––and dying because I'm not there––but I just can't take out the astonishing ville lumière out of my mind.

So after a long day in the library today, I decided to take a break and go through some of the old photos I have in my computer. Some of them––which I decided to omit in this post––were taken when I lived there as a student. Others were taken when I spent a week there with my two best friends. And yet others––the ones I'm including here––were taken last summer. I'm not really sure if seeing all these pictures helped at all... But at least now I know why I'm so in love with this city... It is just perfectly beautiful!

I guess my dream life would be spent travelling between New York and Paris every few months... Hopefully it comes real sometime soon!

  Photography: Laura Beltran-Rubio