October 16, 2014

Real Pizza from Naples in New York: Don Antonio

There's no doubt that Italian food is one of my favourites––although I do love food in general––and pizza is one of my favourite things to eat. Although you can normally find pizza quite commonly in New York, it is not so easy to find real, good Italian pizza.

Today I went to a small little restaurant in midtown where they have one of the best pizzas I've had lately in the city. It's called Don Antonio, and it was founded by the owners of Starita, one of my favourite pizza places in Naples. So I guess there's no doubt you'll find real Italian food there...

I went there for a light lunch, so there's not as much food as I normally post, but it was nevertheless amazing. I had a pizza capua and a Montanara Starita––which is the signature dish of the house, and I truly recommend it.

Don Antonio: Naples in New York

Don Antonio: Naples in New York

I then finished with some angioletti con Nutella––which are also absolutely amazing!

Don Antonio: Naples in New York

I then run out of lunch to go on a mission to Dover Street Market, so I skipped my espresso––which might explain why I came back home to take a nap and I'm only posting this until now. But I guess I'll just have to go back... The menu is also quite big, so there are lots of options. They even have some gluten-free options––which will most likely make some of my friends happy!

  Photography: Laura Beltran-Rubio