October 4, 2014

Short Escapes: Princeton

Princeton Art Museum

After having the longest week last week, I decided to run away of the city and take some time to breath and be happy in Princeton with one of the people I love the most in the whole world.

Although my Princeton escape lasted only two days, it was absolutely amazing! We walked around this beautiful place on Friday, had our little picnic in the gardens, and then went for some delicious ice cream. There was also time to visit the museum and have dinner with the family. After dinner, we had our little GNO and went for drinks and dessert––I promise I'll share the recipe for my perfect-for-fall drink if I ever manage to discover how to do it––and then cuddled in bed and watched Disney movies at the end of the night––although I must confess I slept probably for half of the movie!

On Saturday we slept in, and went for some fluffy and delicious pancakes. My choice was banana, strawberry, and chocolate chips pancakes, naturally. I then had to run back to the city, to a conference about Luxury on MAD Museum. Spending some quality time with one of my best friends was something that I really missed, and it was more than incredible! I probably didn't realise this until I was there, but sometimes I get lonely in the city. Even if I'm constantly surrounded by people––and I love it––I still miss my family and friends!

  Photography: Laura Beltran-RubioPS. Sorry my pictures weren't that good this time... I just forgot to bring my camera!