March 31, 2014

First Anniversary

Happy Anniversary

Time definitely flies by when you're having a good time. Only a year ago, I decided to start this blog, in a rush to write about everything and anything that came up to my mind. And now I'm celebrating its first anniversary. Crazy, huh?!

As you might have noticed, I took over a full week off blogging. As much as I love writing and seeing you read my posts, I needed some time off, to think about the blog, and come up with a new plan for the upcoming year.

Don't worry, I'm not taking the blog offline. I enjoy doing this so much, that I might die if I stop blogging. But I do have some new ideas I hope you will like.

Just as last year, this year will start with my birthday––because, yes, I turned 23 yesterday! But I will bring you more fashion, more travels, and more food. I might hopefully add some improved photography. Oh, and I have a huge surprise for you by the end of the summer.

So tune in tomorrow for new posts, and please come back often for updates. Don't forget to like my Facebook page, and follow me on Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr and Instagram. Oh, and please, please, show me some Bloglovin' ! This would mean the world to me!

'Til tomorrow,