January 8, 2014

The Twelve Grapes


One of my favourite rituals for NYE is the 12 grapes. It consists on eating 12 grapes and making a wish with each one of them, the moment the clock strikes 12. My friend Geoffrey says he loves it because speed is a very important factor in the game. Anne thinks it's great, so she decided to include the tradition to start 2014 in a great mood. I just think it's the best tradition you can ever get!!

However, 12 wishes tend to be a lot. I don't remember a time when I've been able to actually wish for 12 important things, so I usually end up wishing for unicorns and glitter and monkeys... This year, however, the wishes came out more naturally, leaving me only a couple of grapes to wish for things that are not so closely related to me. This --as well as my resolution list, which I wrote on the 1st––made me realise that 2014 will definitely be a great year in my life!

The Sky Is The Limit

With graduation from college coming so soon, deadlines for grad school applications happening this week, and my first travel of the year happening in only 3 days, I'd say there's nothing holding me back from achieving my dreams this year. If there's a word I'd say describes me, it's dreamer. Ever since I was a child, I remember dreaming of big things happening to me. And so far, I haven't been disappointed. I do have some ups and downs––but hey, don't we all have those?-- but I'm absolutely thankful for what I have. I think I'm a very lucky person!!!

Revealing my wishes would bring me bad luck. But I can share my resolutions. In fact, I've always thought that sharing them with my friends and family actually helps me succeed in them because I feel the responsibility, now that other people know what I'm supposed to be doing. Doesn't it happen to you?

During the last weeks of December, I realised I was feeling really thirsty before going to bed. And after doing a quick analysis to my daily routine, I discovered I was drinking too little liquid. So I decided I should start drinking more water this year. Water is good for you, since it helps you stay hydrated and it also helps other body functions, such as digestion. So, yes... Bring me some water!

Speaking of being healthy... I've mentioned before how much I love yoga, and how great it is to stay healthy. However, when I get absorbed into my college assignments, I tend to forget about it and just leave yoga behind. And this is absolutely terrible, especially because yoga helps me relief all the stress, as well as any tensions I might have from working all day in front of a computer or with my nose inside a book. So I decided I will do more yoga this year, especially during those hard study times!

One resolution/wish that has been constant throughout my entire life has been traveling. And, although I'm leaving to Rome on Saturday, I still want to know many places of the world and visit countries I've never seen. So travel is another resolution. Any cool destination suggestions out there?!

I probably haven't mentioned this before, but I'm currently applying to grad school... So if everything goes according to my plans, I will be leaving home and moving overseas by August/September. This means I will have to leave my family and I won't have the chance to kiss my sister every morning before going to school. So I think I should just try and spend more quality time with my family. That way I will probably miss them less when I go... Or I might not, but at least I'll know I spent as much time as it could with them when it was possible!

I'm also becoming more and more addicted to food. However, I'm not a big fan of seafood and I don't usually try new things out. But this might be because I haven't explored enough. So I decided to stop being a chicken and try more things out. If I don't like them, that's ok... But at least I'll know I've tried them!

Finally, I want to improve my jewellery design/making abilities. I will be taking a jewellery course this semester, and I really hope this will boost my creativity and improve my skills. I can't wait for my lessons to begin!


Photography: Laura Beltran-Rubio