January 10, 2014

10 Things You Should Do When You Visit Rome

Castel Sant'Angelo

I'm writing this post as I take a break from packing my suitcase for Italy. As I've told you several times before––no, I can't get over it, I'm sorry!––I'm going to Rome tomorrow! Which means I'm so stoked I haven't been able to sleep well for days! I just can't stop thinking of everything I want to do when I get there and all the fun I will have.

I'm pretty sure my schedule will be busy, but there are some things I definitely hope I'll be able to do while in Rome. So I decided to share my plans with you!

The 10 Things I Want To Do In Rome

  1. Eat pasta for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Ok, I might skip the breakfast part. But I'll definitely eat pasta like crazy!
  2. Have at least one gelato a day
  3. Go to Castell Sant'Angelo in the night––it's the best place if you really want to see the beauty of the eternal city
  4. Prosciutto, prosciutto, prosciutto...
  5. Discover the perfect Caprese salad––my favorite!
  6. Have a real Italian pizza––or two, three... We'll see!
  7. Feel the magic in the streets of this wonderful city
  8. Walk randomly around Rome and hopefully discover a great place I haven't seen before
  9. Find a new book about Rome to bring back home
  10. Have fun and love everything about my trip––which I will surely do!

Have you ever been to Rome? What are your favorite places? Any travel advice for someone who doesn't have much free time but wants to explore the city?